Welcome to Tuusula Upper Secondary School!

Tuusula Upper Secondary School consists of three campuses: Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski. Our school has approximately 690 students and 75 teachers and staff members.

Our strengths lie in highly-qualified teachers and an inspiring working environment. We offer the benefits of studying in a large school, yet giving the opportunity to study at the student’s  local school. Thus, within the school, the sense of community is real and we value it.

We support and encourage our students to take initiative at school. Based on students’ interests we offer theatre and musical productions and organise academic after-school clubs. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to combine their hobbies as part of their studies and in addition, we have sports, music and art study program in Hyrylä and e-sport path in Kellokoski.

Having goals is an important part of studying. We focus on the Matriculation Examinations from the very beginning of studies and our students at Tuusula Upper Secondary School have achieved high marks in the examinations every year. Due to our commitment to our students, our graduating students are equipped with strong social resources and a multifaceted set of knowledge and skills.

International cooperation

Culture and being international are integral parts of Tuusula Upper Secondary School. During every school year we travel to different parts of Europe, receive foreign guests, study a variety of foreign languages and organise international events. We offer foreign language courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Language skills are further developed during different language projects where our students gain more cultural awareness.

Our school has international partnership school: Hermannsburg Christianschule in Germany. Having foreign partnership schools entail for example, short student exchange programs in these schools.

Our ‘Agora - Cultural Awareness’ course gives the chance to visit European cities with amazing cultural heritage. This annual course combines social studies, the arts, languages and geography in a unique way, taking students to Florence, Milan, Genoa, Venice, Barcelona and Paris, to mention a few. Have a look at www.agorakurssi.com where you’ll find the course web pages.

The CERN - project takes place biannually. Students who take part in it, study particle physics and attend a science camp in Geneva, Switzerland. During this project students will have a very special opportunity to observe the work that scientists and other highly educated professionals do in the CERN laboratory.